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Welcome to Lugdunum

Your international numismatic auction house

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Passion for history, taste for aesthetics and ethical respect: this is our vision of numismatics.

About Lugdunum

Passion for history, taste for aesthetics and ethical respect: this is our vision of numismatics

Our values

At Lugdunum, we have made numismatics our core business, your confidence a watchword and your satisfaction our absolute priority. Because we are passionate, enthusiastic and professional, we invest heavily to ensure that our auctions attain the best prices, our sales catalogues meet the highest quality standards and your satisfaction the most rewarding.

Our history

Since 2012, we work with you to offer the services and products best aligned with your expectations. Between 2013 and 2015, 13 online auctions completed in collaboration with the auction house Hess Divo AG in Zurich. Since 2016, our exclusive Ex-Numis service helps collectors, institutions and auction houses find lost provenances for their ancient coins. Since 2018, resumption of numismatic auctions.


Jubilee - 2000 years Solothurn
January-December 2020

The Lugdunum Auction 21
Wednesday 09 June 2021

The Lugdunum Auction 21
Highlight (Video)

The Lugdunum Auction 21
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The Lugdunum Auction 21
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The Lugdunum Auction 21
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Looking to sell coins?

We offer a free and nonbinding appraisal of your coins

You own coins and want to know their value and rarity? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you using our free appraisal service. We can set up an appointment to meet you at our premises in Solothurn (Switzerland) or at any other location of your choosing.

Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck, an expert ready to assist you

Doctorate in history and archaeology and with 10 years of experience in the numismatic market, I am available to answer any questions you may have about your coins and medals: authenticity, value, tracing the provenance of your ancient coins with our exclusive Ex-numis service.

Consign your coins in one of our next auctions

Take advantage of our auctions, on the floor in Zurich or online to sell your coins at the best price. By participating in the largest numismatic auctions and coin fairs in Switzerland and abroad, we have access to an extensive network of international buyers.

Looking to buy coins?

Take part in our floor and online auctions

You can find the coins and medals you like at our auctions. Every year, we organize several floor and online auctions, offering coins dating from ancient to modern times. Please contact us for our catalogues.

Visit our online shop and browse through our stock

Explore our selection of coins, medals, books and numismatic material in our online shop. Ancient Greek and Roman coins, Celtic coins, Islamic, medieval and modern coins. There's something for everyone at Lugdunum.

Meet us at coin fairs in Switzerland and abroad

Every year we participate in the most prestigious coin fairs in Switzerland and abroad: New York, Berlin, Basel, Munich, Tokyo, London, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, etc. Come meet us at these events and browse our stock of coins for sale.

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