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Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck

Free enquiry & direct purchase

In the form of a free consultation, we would be happy to provide you with our know-how in the field of numismatics. If you have a coin collection or have inherited coins, give us a call without obligation.

At any time we buy individual coins and medals or entire numismatic collections. In order to make you the best possible offer, we have to be able to check your coins and medals on site. Please contact us for an appointment.

We are happy to answer your questions about the current value of your coins and the various sales options, such as sale in an auction or direct sale.

Selling your coins in our auctions

Our auctions, The Lugdunum sales, are well established and achieve regularly best prices.

Thanks to our participation in the most important coin fairs and auctions in Switzerland and abroad, such as London, Munich, Paris, New York and Tokio, we can rely on a broad, international network of buyers.

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Auction & Sales Highlights

Solothurn, view to the Landhaus and St. Ursen Cathedral in the background

Lugdunum, active in coin trading since 2012

For almost 10 years we have been in the international coin trade. During this time, we have established ourselves very well as an auction house for coins & medals and as experts in provenance research for ancient coins.

We are lucky to be a company member of the VSBN, the Swiss Association of Professional Numismatists as well as a company memeber of the IAPN, International Association of Professional Numismatists.

Lugdunum in the press

Our auctions and the provenance research service Ex-Numis have been reported in various international journals and in the general public press.

Lugdunum in print

11 good reasons to sell your coins in our auctions


Auctions are our area of expertise and passion.


To sell your coins at best prices is our aim.


Our auctions, “The Lugdunum Sales” are held regularly and are well established on the international coin-market.


We pay special attention to the quality of cataloguing.


By participating in the most important coin fairs and auctions worldwide, we are always up to date with the latest developments in the coin market.


An auction sale is a good way for a transparent and fair dissolution of an inheritance.


On request, we may hold an auction for you, provided that the value of all coins correspond. A special action can be hold within a short time.


Our expertise is based on our know-how in numismatics and ancient art as well as years of experience.


Our catalogue is a timeless souvenir and a tribute to the collector and his collection before it is sold by auction.


The coins that are consigned to us are treated very carefully. From the time of handover to the time of sale, they are insured and carefully stored.


The proceeds are paid out in a timely and uncomplicated manner and are made in cash or by bank transfer.

Would you like to sell coins & medals with us?