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Do you know the origin of your ancient coin?

Provenenance research - a coin once and now

The history of coins as collector’s item is very important to us. With our Ex-Numis® service, Lugdunum is recognized worldwide as “the specialist” for provenance research on ancient coins.

The provenance is of essential importance in the current coin market and represents the bases of ethical numismatics but also a real added value for collectors.

Provenance research - how does it work ?

In a zoom presentation made in summer 2020 (video below), Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck explains the importance of provenances in today’s Ancient coins market.

Discover what technology we use and how we built a unique database which contains nearly a million pictures of Ancient coins sold in auction since the late 19th Century.

Ex-Numis, how lost provenances are rediscovered using digital image recognition technology

The idea behind Ex-Numis

Searching for the lost Provenance of any Ancient coin has always been a challenging and time consuming task.

Ex-Numis® is the first website 100 % dedicated to the research and hunting of lost Provenances for Ancient coins.

New technologies of digital image recognition associated to our unique database of almost a million Ancient coins sold through auctions over the last century form the base of our service.


In the past years, there have been increasing laws and regulations on the trading and collecting of Ancient coins worldwide. New Import restrictions in the United States of America and new laws in Germany are only a small part of them.

Syrian and Iraqi wars have reinforced concerns regarding the trading of looted antiquities used to finance terrorist activities. In other words, the future for collecting and trading with Ancient coins does not look very bright.

In this context, Provenances have reached a very important position, as can be seen as a solution for collectors, numismatic dealers and auction houses to comply with these laws and a way of continuing to pursue and enjoy this century’s long tradition and passion of Numismatics.

Many Ancient coins on the numismatic market do not have any know Provenance. However, this does not mean that they are of illegal origin. Most of them might just have lost their Provenance over time. Until now, the research for these lost Provenances has been a challenging and time-consuming task reserved to high value Ancient coins.

Thanks to Ex-Numis®, this task is quick and easy.