About Lugdunum


Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck, director & auctioneer

I am the founder and director of Lugdunum and a passionate numismatist.

From my studies in history and archeology, I have a doctorate and I am an expert on issues relating to ancient coin circulation. As a cataloguer and later director, I was in the service of international auction houses in Switzerland and abroad.

Numismatics has been my job for over 10 years. During this time, I developed the Ex-Numis service, which uses facial recognition technology to track the history of ancient coins through past auctions from 1880 onwards.

Through my work as General Secretary of the Association of Swiss Professional Numismatists VSBN and former treasurer of the Association of International Professional Numismatists IAPN, I am well connected.

Pauline Fabre-Flueck, assistant, financial expert

Masters in finance, graduate of business school and auditor as well as enthusiast for numismatics.

As an expert in digitization, I was involved in the development of the Ex-Numis provenance research service.

Madeleine Egger, administration

New to the team and responsible for all office work, I will answer your call.

For a long time I have been enthusiastic about European history and everything from the past. Numismatics stores new, exciting connections for me every day. I really enjoy that.

We do speak English, French, German and Swiss German.

Our history

LUGDUNUM Numismatics has been founded in 2012 to offer various numismatic services such as purchase and sale of coins and theirs professional cataloguing.

LUGDUNUM was the name of what is called LYON in France today. in the first century, LUGDUNUM was the most important mint north of the Alps and main topic of Dr Flueck's doctorate.
The first E-Auction
In 2013 the first online auction, „The Lugdunum Sale 1“ premiered. 12 further auctions followed until 2015.
EX-NVMIS goes online
In 2016 LUGDUNUM launched its service
EX-NVMIS. This service enables the research of provenances for ancient coins in past auctions. Since then, LUGDUNUM is known and recognized in the numismatic field as 'the specialist'.
Moving to Solothurn
In 2018 we moved to the charming city of Solothurn and reopened our numismatic activities by another auction „The Lugdunum Sale 14“.
Special exhibition - 2000 years anniversary of Solothurn
On the occasion of the 2000 years celebrations of the city of Solothurn, LUGDUNUM organized the special exhibition „Minted Pride“ in cooperation with the Museum Blumenstein.

On show were coins, coming from a private collection, illustrating 7 centuries of Solothurn's numismatic history. Afterwards, these coins were successfully auctioned off in March 2020 in the „The Lugdunum Sale 19“.
Consigned for sale
In spring, LUGDUNUM received a small group of outstanding medals from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance for sale. Among them was „La Calaisienne“, a large silver medal from Charles VII, which celebrates the end of the 100 Years' War. This medal was sold for CHF 340'000 and became the most expensive French medal ever sold in an auction to date.
Admission to the IAPN
The International Association of Professional Numismatists IAPN is the most renowned association of professionals worldwide. It is a great honour for us having been accepted by the committee and having joined this notable association in October as a company member.



International Association of Professional Numismatists


Verband Schweizer Berufsnumismatiker


Schweizerische Numismatische Gesellschaft


Société Française de Numismatique


British Numismatic Society

How to find us

Lugdunum GmbH
International Auctionhouse for coins & medals / Numismatics
Bielstrasse 3
CH-4500 Solothurn

Phone: +41 (0)32 554 03 30
eMail: info@lugdunum-numismatik.com

By train

Solothurn is well connected and can be reached directly from larger Swiss cities. From Solothurn main station, it is 5 minutes by bus (lines 1 or 4 run every 10 minutes) or 20 minutes on foot.

It’s only a few hundred meters on foot from Solothurn’s western train station Westbahnhof.

By car

City Parking, a centrally located public car park near Amthausplatz, is located directly behind the building at Bielstrasse 3. You can park there and reach us in a few steps.

There is a lift (elevator) in the building.

Do you have questions ?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.
Please phone: +41 (0)32 554 03 30

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