Our numismatic services

Dealing with coins & medals

Lydia, uncertain king. EL Trite 610-561 BC

Floor and Internet Auctions

Auctions are our area of expertise and our passion. Our auctions, The Lugdunum Sales, take place on a regular basis and are well established in the international coin market.

Our goal is that the coins intrusted to us reach the best prices possible in our auctions and for this we pay the closest attention to the quality our auction catalogues.

Direct purchase & sale

If you prefer to sell your coins directly to us, we are always happy to make you an offer. Please do not hesitate to call us for this matter.

Please note that we have to be able to examine your coins & medals in our premisses in order to make any purchase offer. Please call in advance to make an appointment.

Switzerland. Solothurn. Shooting medal, 1895

Advices & consulting

France. Kingdom. Louis XIII, Louis d'or 1643

Free consultation & without obligation

We are happy to help with our know-how in numismatics in the form of a free and non binding consultation. If you own a coin collection or have inherited coins, simply give us a call.

We can answer your questions about the current value of your coins and the various sales options that we offer, such as the consignment in one of our auctions or a direct sale to us.

Assistance in building up a serious coin collection

As a professional numismatist and historian, Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck can assist you in building up your numismatic collection or in adding the finest coins to your collection.

And since we take part in the most important coins & medals auctions worldwide, we do also work as agents and bid on your behalf for coins you might like to add to your collection.

Roman Empire, Sabina augusta, wife of Hadrian

Knowledge exchange

Presentations & exhibitions

Coins & medals are full of history and keep a lot secrets hidden. Discover some of these secrets in our presentations and by visiting exhibitions that we organise.

YouTube videos

Discover our videos that show and tell the exciting backgrounds and details about outstanding coins and medals that we offer for sale in our auctions.

Numismatic Research

Provenance research

The provenance or history of a coin as a collector’s item is very important to us. With our Ex-Numis® service, Lugdunum is recognized worldwide as “the specialist” for provenance research on Ancient coins.

The provenance is of essential importance in the current coin market and represents the bases of ethical numismatics but also a real added value for collectors.

Authentication & Investigation

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of one of your coins, we would be happy to study them in dept and prepare a report based on both scientific analysies and historical investigations.

Roman Republic, Denarius 56 BC