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Sell your coins and medals with Lugdunum


Request a free appraisal before selling your coins & medals

What is the value of the ancient coins collection inherited from Grandpa?

What is the value of the old Swiss coins that have been in the cupboard for decades?

What is the value of the gold coins in the Safe for so many years?

Many people have some old coins and medals at home, sometimes even numismatic collections inherited from relatives. These can sometimes occupy drawer funds or require expensive safes at the bank. Are they priceless numismatic rarities or just objects of no value?

If you ask yourself that question, then we can help.

To do so, simply take advantage of our free and non-binding appraisal service for your coins & medals.

Use our auctions to sell your coins and medals at the best price

1. Contact us to make an appointment for a free estimate of your coins and medals at our premises or at any other location of your choosing.
2. After accepting the terms and conditions of sale and signing the consignment contract, we collect your coins for cataloguing.
3. Review of your coins and production of the printed and/or digital auction catalogue.
4. Floor or online auction of your coins & medals.
5. After the auction of your coins, we transfer the auctioned amounts to you, less our auction expenses.

A question? A qualified specialist available to assist you

Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck, director

I am pleased to assist and advise you on the sale of your old coins & medals. My numismatic expertise is based on the following experience:

- Doctorate in history and archaeology, specialist in ancient coin circulation.
- Former director of a very established numismatic auction house.
- Numerous international auctions realised.
- Estimate and sale of several tens of thousands of coins & medals.
- Regular participation in the most prestigious and international coin fairs and numismatic auctions: New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Munich, Zurich etc.
- Founder of the Ex-numis service.
- General Secretary of the Swiss Professional Numismatists Association and former Treasurer of the International Professional Numismatists Association.

Lugdunum GmbH
Dr. Jonas Emmanuel Flueck

Bielstrasse 3
4500 Solothurn

10 good reasons to sell your coins and medals in our auctions!

1. A professional is available at your side and just as desirous as you for the highest possible selling price (commission based on the final selling price).
2. A chance to obtain a better selling price due to a large international clientele.
3. Cataloguing and identifying your high quality coins & medals for an accurate assessment and estimate.
4. High definition photographs to promote your coins and medals.
5. Your coins are safely kept until they are auctioned and covered by our insurance. No more risk of loss or theft.
6. A transparent sale under the supervision and control of a Zurich bailiff.
Proficiency in import/export rules allowing you to sell your coins worry‑free in Switzerland even if you live in France or any other country of the European Union or the United States.
8. Easy communication as we are fluent in French, Swiss German, German and English.
9. A unique event to experience at the auction of your coins in the elegant setting of a downtown Zurich hotel.
10. A high quality illustrated catalogue that you can keep as a souvenir.