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Discover our numismatic services


Auctions are our core business and our passion. Several times a year, we offer floor and online sales that meet the highest quality standards in cataloguing, photography and printing.

We can also represent you and bid on your behalf at the numerous international auctions in which we participate, in Switzerland and abroad.

Online shop

We offer a selection of quality coins and medals in our online shop. Ancient coins (Greek, Roman and Celtic), medieval coins, Islamic coins and modern coins. There's something for everyone at Lugdunum!

Buying & Selling

If the consignment in one of our auctions does not suit you, or if you wish a faster transaction, we can at any time make you an offer to purchase your coins and medals directly.

If you are looking for a particular coin, we will be happy to find it for you within our network of international contacts, and offer it to you for direct sale.

Authentication & Analyses

In case of doubt about the authenticity of one of your coins, we offer our expert opinion based on a series of scientific and historical analyses.

Ex-Numis - Provenance Hunting

Ex-Numis is a unique and specialised service tracing the provenance of your ancient coins. We use the latest facial recognition technology to track ancient coins in past auctions. This information, also called provenance, is a real added value, essential in today's numismatic market.